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Program Characteristics


Ocular Disease:

  • Direct management of patients

  • Large patient population with high prevalence of acute and chronic disease

  • Fit and manage specialty contact lenses 

  • Ophthalmology interaction

    • Residents attend Grand Rounds at UIC every Wednesday

    • Frequent sub-specialty consultation (Retina, Glaucoma, Cornea, Neuro-ophthalmology and Uveitis)

  • Medical specialty consultation with other services

    • Resident does most, if not all, of medical work-up

    • Consults from other specialties 

Ocular Disease


Jesse Brown Facilities

  • 15 exam lanes

  • Digital photography, angiography, and OCT

  • Ultrasonography (A and B scans, UBM)

  • Perimetry (HVF, GVF, and FDT)

  • Minor OR

  • Conference room

  • Lasers

  • Experienced Attendings

    • Many have 10 or more years working in the VA setting

    • Chief has 23 years of experience

  • Attendings see patients with residents 

    • Pass ongoing experience to residents

    • Assure quality of patient care

    • Always available for consultation 


Experienced attendings

  • Over 130+ years of combined experience working in a high-volume hospital setting to give residents hands-on mentorship throughout the year 

  • Attendings come from a variety of backgrounds both within a hospital setting as well as private practice 


Ocular Disease:

  • Comprehensive low vision rehabilitation​ for partially-sighted and legally blind patients
  • Collaboration with low vision specialists at Hines Blind Rehabilitation Center

    • Residents spend 1 day per week at the Hines BRC

  • Pediatric Low Vision

    • 2-day trip to school for visually impaired children ​

    • Attend with ICO faculty and residents 

Low Vision

low vision.jpg

Hines BRC

  • Comprehensive rehabilitation​ for inpatients and outpatients

  • Multidisciplinary approach

    • ADLs​

    • Communication

    • Orientation & Mobility 

    • Leisure skills

    • Psychology

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