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We are justifiably proud of our past residents and what they have accomplished following the residency.

108 O.D.s have completed the program from the start of the residency program in 1982 through 2020

Since the first administration (2005) of the NBEO Advanced Competence in Medical Optometry (ACMO), 27 past residents have earned the credential by successfully passing the exam.

Where did they go?
24 currently hold faculty appointments at schools / colleges of optometry
8 currently hold appointments within university departments of ophthalmology
16 are paid attendings or consultants at VA hospitals
5 are members of large optometry practices

Many provide low vision services
4 practice as primary eye care providers in private medical centers
19 practice in private OD or OD/MD groups
10 have privately owned private practices
4 have retired
3 are focused in commercial settings

Positions of prominence
3 chair a Low Vision Department at a College of Optometry or Department of Ophthalmology
2 direct or have directed low vision departments of non-for- profit agencies
1 was Director of external CE a College of Optometry
1 is Director of Ocular Disease at a College of Optometry
3 are chiefs of optometry sections at VA hospitals
4 are directors of optometry residency programs

Did any extend their training?
2 have completed a PhD program.
1 completed an Sc.D.
1 completed an MPH program.
2 have completed a Cornea / Contact Lens fellowship from a department of ophthalmology
1 has completed a cornea fellowship from a private ophthalmology practice and continues teaching in the facility

1 is currently completing a Cornea / Contact Lens fellowship from a department of ophthalmology

What have they done to contribute to the ophthalmic literature?
Our residents have published over 82 papers in the past 15 years
They have over 80 published abstracts in the past 18 years.
Three book chapters have been written by our residents.
They have had at least 4 research studies funded by either the VA or NEI.

What have they done to contribute to the ophthalmic community through professional organizations?
39 are fellows of the American Academy of Optometry
5 are diplomates
3 are currently or have been presidents of their state associations.

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