American Academy of Optometry Involvement:

Peter Russo, O.D. (Past Chair, Admissions Committee)

Charles Kinnaird, O.D. (Past Chair, Disease Section; Past President, Illinois Chapter of AAO; Past Chair,

Chapters Committee)

Kristin Anderson, O.D. (Admissions Committee)

Charlotte Joslin, O.D. (Scientific Committee)

Gregory S. Wolfe, O.D. (Past Chair, Chapters Committee; Founding Member of AZ Chapter of AAO)


Victoria Butcko, O.D. (Admissions Committee)


Tina Porzkowiak, O.D. (Admissions Committee, Founding Member of AZ Chapter of AAO)


Danielle Lukkes, O.D. (Admissions Committee, Past President of AZ Chapter of AAO)


Treacy Adamo, O.D. (Vice Chair, Admissions Committee; Past President of IL Chapter of AAO)


Lauren Ristin, O.D. (Chair, Glaucoma Section)


Ellen Shorter, O.D. (Founding member of AMCO SIG of AAO)


Jennifer Brown, O.D. (Past Chair, Glaucoma Section)

To request more information or to schedule an interview please email Dr. Jennifer Brown at:

Contact us:

Jennifer Brown, OD, FAAO

Residency Coordinator

Charles Kinnaird, OD, FAAO

Co-Director Ocular Disease

Chief of Optometry Section

Jesse Brown VA Medical Center

Peter Russo, OD, FAAO, Diplomate

Co-Director Low Vision Rehabilitation 

Hines VA Blind Rehabilitation Service

Tel:  312-569-7505

Fax: 312-569-7547

Jesse Brown VAMC

820 S Damen Ave

Chicago IL 60612

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